[May 22, 2023]

It took a few years but am glad I stuck it out and finished OASNG. I'll let it settle for a bit before going back and editing all the chapters and cross referencing the note points in the story. There were a bunch of RAW typos I wanted to take out and terminology I wanted to change. There may have been a few plot points that needed clearing up as well.

I'll take ATP back up in July, maybe start with one chapter a week, then if it's doable, go to two chapters a week. I'm hoping my baby will let me get more sleep as he gets bigger so my brain will be clearer. I'm not as sleep deprived as before but my balance and other things are still bad.

[March 5, 2023]

Finally! Site move all done. I had to switch providers a few times. Had to reupload and change database log in so many times that I got all mixed up about what I already did and didn't do. Ended up separating my domain and hosting, but phew. Glad that's done. Now we're good for another three years until the introductory rate expires and I switch again.

Also, I will be going on vacation at the end of the month so am working hard to build a stash. You'll likely see several more updates in the coming weeks, then a lull. Not sure what my net access will be or how inclined I will be to translate while on vacation.

[February 22, 2023]

New server required stronger passwords on file folders so had to add in some caps. Password updated in Patreon post.

[February 14, 2023]

Changing domain name and servers. Notes: If using cPanel then zip all files first and transfer. Extract. cPanel does not allow folders to be transfered over. NameServers: site address linking to the web from the serving host not domain host unless both are the same. Need it for identification.

(Mon) May 22, 2023
OASNG is all done! ATP resuming in July.
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